Throughout time and place, humans have tried to grasp the universe. The vision of 5 elements emerged in China more than 2,000 years ago (Wu Xing) and became the foundation of martial arts, politics, medicine and philosophy of a vast region. The growing interest in trade and alternative medicine is bringing us closer to these distant concepts. The aim of the exhibition is to get closer to the Far East which is already part of our daily life.

Water, wood, fire, earth and metal are a metaphor for the cycle of life, emotions, seasons and the light. Each represents a state that becomes the next.

Wood is cholera, spring, green, west...
Fire is love, summer, red, north...
Earth is thought, yellow, center...
Metal is sadness, autumn, white, grey, this...
Water is fear, winter, darkness, south...

Elements has been organized entirely through the Internet. People around the world responded to the call of Barcelona Photobloggers and sent their photos to participate in the project. Each of them shows their vision and interpretation of the five elements of ancient China.

The exhibition can also be seen at

The design of space, distribution and printing of photographs has been done with a software developed specifically for the exhibition whose aim has been to create a rainbow of colors by calculating the average color of each picture and location in the appropriate column reinterpreting the Wu Xing as the transformation of light and color.

The Barcelona Photobloggers collective was born in February 2006 with the intention of being a meeting place open to all fans of photography from the Barcelona area having a photoblog.

A photoblog is a website whose main content are photographs presented in a diary or blog format. In a photoblog, unlike traditional blogs, where text is the most important thing, the emphasis is on the images. At first glance it may seem that there’s no difference between a photoblog and a simple picture gallery. A photoblog, unlike a gallery, is arranged chronologically.

Barcelona Photobloggers is part of the city network, together with cities like New York, London or Paris.

Organizers: Barcelona Photobloggers
Project Leader: Fran Simó

Curators: Oscar Ciutat, Fran Simó
Design: Marcelo Aurelio, Irena Volkova, Maribel Carod, Fran Simó
Communication: Alfonso Para, Oscar Ciutat, Fran Simó
Software Development: Fran Simó, Oscar Ciutat
Thanks: Albert Such, Xavi Lúcia


Barcelona Photobloggers